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121A6443Savour York Region Restaurant Week returns THIS FALL!

Get ready to savour the fall flavours of Savour York Region Restaurant Week

OCTOBER 15 – OCTOBER 28, 2018

York Region’s most Delicious DINING EVENT, bringing together friends, family and food!


Calling all restaurants to one savoury event!

Below you will find helpful information to make Savour York Region Restaurant Week a success for your restaurant.

Thank you for participating in Savour York Region Restaurant Week!

How to maximize your participation in Savour York Region Restaurant Week:

1) Your menu is key
Create menus that are descriptive and interesting to attract guests to your restaurant.

2) Utilize Savour York Region Restaurant Week marketing materials
Savour York Region Restaurant Week promotional posters and post cards are available to participating restaurants. Please be sure to include the post cards inside the cheque folders presented at every table and hang posters and signs in street-facing windows.

Posters, Post Cards & Menus: Participants will receive Post Cards (for bill folders and table displays), window Posters promoting SYR Restaurant Week, and customized SYR Menus.

3) Utilize electronic Savour York Region Restaurant Week electronic assets
As a participating restaurant you may use the Savour York Region Restaurant Week logo on your website, social media and e-communications. Also, you may send out the Savour York Region Restaurant Week e-blasts to your own email database.

4) Familiarize your staff with Savour York Region Restaurant Week
We strongly encourage you to discuss the promotion with service staff to ensure that they are familiar with Savour York Region Restaurant Week and can answer any questions your guests may have.

5) Take advantage of increased traffic during Savour York Region Restaurant Week
Having a front of house staff that understands the program is an important first step. Having processes in place to convert these first-time guests into repeat customers is the ultimate goal. Email collection cards, bounce-backs, or simple, gracious gestures such as a complimentary amuse bouche, a visit from the manager to welcome them, or courteous service, can all serve to make sure that guests return.

6) Track your Savour York Region Restaurant Week results!
We will be asking you to give us a reporting of the actual number of Savour York Region Restaurant Week meals sold, reservations, etc. at the end of the program along with several other subjective pieces of feedback so that we can evaluate the success of the program.

Savour York Region Restaurant Week is an exciting and powerful event to have your restaurant reach new customers and treat your regulars, across the region and beyond.  The event brings thousands of diners to the region generating millions of dollars in sales and economic development.



After you’ve filled out the registration form, you have the option of paying securely via any major credit card or PayPal account. Simply click the button below:


Does my restaurant have to participate for the entire length of the program?
Yes. All participating restaurants are required to participate for the full duration of the event.

Do I have to offer a multi-course lunch and or dinner to participate?
Yes. It is completely up to the restaurant to determine the menu, but to participate in the program you must have a multi-course meal at one of the fixed price points (not including tax and gratuity). The program must offer a multi-course meal and must be available to a single diner for $15 or $20 for lunch (optional) and $25, $35 or $45 for dinner.

Can I also advertise with Savour York Region Restaurant Week?
Yes. Co-operative advertising opportunities will be available with our media campaigns. Please ask for details.

If we are a chain restaurant, does each unit in the chain have to register separately if they want to participate?
Yes. All restaurants receive identical benefits so each participating restaurant has to register individually.