QUESTION: As a customer, do I have to buy a discount card or carry a coupon to take advantage of the Savour York Region fixed menu?

ANSWER: No. You simply make reservations at the participating restaurant of your choice during the specified time period. A Savour York Region menu will be included and available to you once you arrive. There are no coupons to carry, cards to punch or passes to buy.

QUESTION: How far in advance can I make reservations, and for large parties, will I have to leave a credit card?

ANSWER: Reservations are now being accepted by calling the restaurant of your choice directly. Due to the diversity of the restaurants participating, along with an increased demand, some establishments may ask for a credit card reservation for parties of 8 or more. Inquire at each establishment for their policy on this matter. However, on the Friday and Saturday evening of the Savour York Region event offering, parties of 6 or more will require a credit card to avoid cancellations and missed reservations.  Please view individual restaurants to view any additional black-out periods.

QUESTION: Will patrons be able to order items from the regular menu if they are not interested in the pre-fixed Savour York Region menu?

ANSWER: Yes they will. Patrons will have to remember however, that they may wait longer if they are just ordering a main course and the company they are dining with will have three courses from the fixed menu. In most other cities once demand has reached capacity and venues become very busy, many restaurants opt just to feature the fixed menu during the “restaurant week” specified.

QUESTION: Will each restaurant have a $25, $30 and $35 menu available to choose from?

ANSWER: No they will not. Each restaurant will offer one of the three available price points. The popularity and success of “restaurant weeks” worldwide is because of the opportunity to sample a restaurant’s cuisine at a set , affordable price.

QUESTION: Do I still have to pay taxes and gratuity? Are any drinks included with the meal?

ANSWER: Taxes, gratuity and beverages are all additional. There will be a featured wine list, either by the glass or the bottle at each restaurant, along with their usual beverage choices.

QUESTION: Are there choices in a Savour York Region pre-fixed menu?

ANSWER: Yes there is. In general, a restaurant will offer a choice of 2 appetizers, 2 or 3 main dishes, and 2 desserts in attempt to satisfy most tastebuds! Menus are available to view through our website so you can prepare ahead. Please advise your server if there are any allergies they need to be aware of.